5 Key Services That The Right Residential Moving Service Will Offer

Making a move from your old place to the new one is easier when you hire the right moving company. Movers who offer support before, during, and after the event are ones that you want to consider. As you weigh the pros and cons of different companies, make sure the one you choose offers these five essential services.

1. All The Moving Supplies That You Need

Who wants to run all over town trying to find packing crates, boxes for specific belongings, and all the kinds of fillers needed to properly cushion and protect more fragile items? The right moving company will already have a full line of boxes and other containers for you to purchase. Ideally, there will be someone there who can help you estimate the quantity needed as well as recommend container types for certain types of items.

2. Professional Packing Teams

Packing for a move is more than tossing things into boxes. You want to make the most of all the space in each crate or other container. It’s also important to make sure bubble wrap and other fillers are used properly. That increases the odds of getting to the new place without anything being damaged.

A packing team can come into the home and take care of these tasks for you. Even better, they can do the work while you focus on other tasks associated with the move, like arranging for mail forwarding and setting up dates with the utility companies. When you get home from work, there’s no need to face hours of packing either. You can relax a bit, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for the next day.

3. Help Taking Apart Heavier Pieces of Furniture

Some of your larger pieces will need to be disassembled for the move. Look for movers who will manage this process and ensure everything is marked so reassembling them at the new place will be simple. Companies offering this type of support typically put those pieces of furniture back together once everything is at the new place. If you would like to learn more, visit www.hudsonmovers.com.

4. Placing Larger Pieces of Furniture At Your New Home

Professional movers don’t dump everything in a front room and leave it to the customer to sort things out. You want professionals who will take the larger pieces to the appropriate rooms and place them wherever you like. Before they leave, the beds are put together, the china cabinet and table in the dining room are where they need to be, and the sofa is along the right wall in the living room.

5. Professional Help Unpacking And Disposing Of Boxes And Crates

Just as the moving company supplied packers to help on the front end, there are professionals on hand to help you unpack. They hang up clothing in the closets, unpack and put away food and dishware in the kitchen, and even ensure the linens are folded and arranged in the closet. Some may even help you with projects like hanging wall art. Think of what that means in terms of getting the new place in order in hours rather than days.

Remember that selecting the right movers requires more than going with the first name that shows up in your search engine results. Take the time to learn more about how each company takes care of it’s clients, what they can do to make the move easier, and why they are the overall best choice. Your efforts now will pay off in terms of a moving day that’s a lot less stressful.