4 Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Definitely Avoid

When someone makes a plumbing mistake, it’s usually because they want to save money by not calling a plumber or because they think a problem is easier to fix than it is in reality. Either way, some mistakes should be avoided to preserve your peace of mind and your savings.

1. Putting Bricks in the Toilet

There’s a belief that if you put bricks in the toilet, it can decrease your water bill by not using as much water with each flush. Unfortunately, this little trick can cause a problem by preventing your toilet from flushing properly, which can cause wear and tear. It can even result in consistent clogs that you end up using drain cleaner to resolve, which is a separate problem since they tend to destroy pipes. If you would like to learn more, the www.drainrescueplumbers.com website is a great reference for additional information and resources.

2. Ignoring Running Toilets

A running toilet is the stuff that nightmares are made of if you’re sensitive to sounds when you’re trying t sleep. However, some people can let the toilet run for days, weeks and sometimes even months without giving it a second thought. As it turns out, letting your toilet run can waste more than 1,000 gallons of water each week. In addition to the nuisance of hearing the noise at night, you’ll have a much higher water bill. This doesn’t have to happen because a plumber can resolve a running toilet in very little time.

3. Not Locating the Main Water Valve

How do you turn off the main water source in your home? If you can answer this question, you’re batting a thousand. That’s because a lot of homeowners and renters don’t know where the main water valve is even located. This isn’t a big deal until there’s a flood in your home and you can’t figure out where the water s coming from or how to turn it off. Not knowing where the main water valve is located can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

4. Skipping the Warranty

When hiring a plumber, you should always inquire about a warranty. Although some projects are small and may not require a warranty, that’s not always the case. Whenever you have a major repair or installation, signing up for the warranty just makes sense. It’s usually worth the extra cost to have peace of mind and not have to worry about how you’ll come up with the money should a problem occur in the future.

Avoiding plumbing mistakes isn’t rocket science. It’s just a matter of doing the right things up front so that you don’t have to pay for it on the back end.